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I am a stewardess. My home is in the air. I (1)... an enormous amount of travelling. It is a fast life and (2)... of work, but I like it and that is the only (3)... for me to be happy. Everything is tiring-music, travelling if you (4)... it for a living. I am not (5)... to complaing. It's hard to imagine now that I will ever be very long in one (6)... . My home town is on the Caspian Sea. I have my own flat, but I am seldom there. Is I am there for a day or two I prefer to (7)... them with mo mother and gandmother. I have no brothers or sisters and my father (8)... when I was seven. He was an engineer and I do not (9)... him very well. He liked music very much and wanted me to (10)... a musician.
1) make; do; work; carry;
2) most; complete; more; full;
3) road; route; lane; way;
4) make; do; have; take;
5) wanted; taken; used; known;
6) place; seat; room; scene;
7) go; stay; spend; waste;
8) killed; went; died; passed;
9) remember; know; remind; recall;
10) develop; grow; turn; become.

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