Переведите на английский язык,употребляя глаголы в Past Simple,Past Continuous,Past Perfect
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1. After we had talked a little, my mother and sister went to the kitchen to cook dinner.
2. When parents came into the room, they saw that their children had decorated it with the flowers which they bought.
3. Why did not he present her with flowers which he had bought for her?
4. Yesterday he got the letter from which he knew that his grandmother had died.
5. She had bought small presents for each guest before the party.
6. When all the guests gathered, his wife invited them to drink the coffee which she had prepared.
7. Only when I came home, I understood which mistake I had made.
8. When she came home, she saw that her younger sister had done everything for her.
9. My father left the garden only after he had planted all the trees.
10. It was evening when he returned home and understood that he was late: all his family had gone for a walk.
11. When she came to school, she was very nervous as she had not learnt the lesson.
12. We were watching TV when my elder brother came and said that he had got the letter from our grandmother.
13. Only when she left, my friend told that he had liked this girl some time before. 
14. At last our firm got the documents which we had ordered.
15. I saw some pupils in the classroom.
One pupil was cleaning the text which the teacher had written from the blackboard and two pupils were sweeping the floor.
16. His family moved to Kiev when he was seven.
They had lived in Poltava before.
17. Which language had you learnt before you entered the faculty of foreign languages?
18. When we visited her, we knew that she was ill.
19. The meeting had not begun till everybody came.
20. When my friend left, I remembered that I had forgotten to return her disc. 


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