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1. "Do you like my pies, Ann?" asked her grand¬mother. 2. "Sit down at the table and do your home¬work," said Tom's mother to him. 3. "What did you do at school yesterday, John?" said his father. 4. "Will you play the piano today, Helen?" asked her aunt. 5. My uncle said, "We shall visit you next week." 6. "Don't cross the street under the red light," said the man to Nick. 7. "I borrowed a very good book from our libraryд yesterday," said Mike to his father. 8. "Come to my house tomorrow, Jane," said Lena. 9.д "Where are your 9, Betsy?" said her mother. 10. "Lock the door when you leave the house," said my elder sister to me

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1. Ann's grandmother asked her if she liked her pies.
2. Tom's mother told him to sit down at the table and do his homework.
3. John's father was interested to know what they had done at school the day before.
4. Helen's aunt asked her whether she would play the piano that day.
5. My uncle said that they would visit us the following week.
6. The man told Nick not to cross the street when the lights were red.
7. Mike told his father that he had taken a very good book from their library the day before.
8. Lena invited Jane to come to her house the next day.
9. Betsy's mother asked her daughter where her books were.
My elder sister told me to lock the door when I left the house


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