Complete the sentences by adding one of the following words: в категроии Английский язык, вопрос открыт 21.03.2017 в 03:25

much, many, little, few, less, or fewer.

How ..... chairs will you need?
Iwork hard all day. I have ..... time for hobbies.
How ..... flour will I need for the cake?
He`s a wonderful person. There are ..... people who would do the things him.
There are ..... people here today than there were last week.
I have ..... money than you.
If you ate ..... bread, you wouldn`t put on so ..... weight.
Every ..... helps, said the person who was collecting money for charity.
Hurry up! We have very ..... time.
We have done ..... work today than we did yesterday.
I have ..... mistakes than you have.
Although he is a very rich man, he spends ..... money on clothes.

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