Урок английского языка «Экология» 8 класс

Урок английского языка по теме «Экология» в 8-ом классе.

Тема: «Экология»

Цель: научить школьников бережно относиться к окружающей среде.

Оборудование: лозунги ( Nature Is the source of people’s life. Environmental protection concerns everyone. The protection of nature means the protection of our Motherland.

Начиная урок, я обращаюсь к учащимся с такими словами: «Good afternoon, dear friends. Today we are going to have a talk and discuss the problem of environment protection. I would like you to open our conference with the poem by Lorraine Bayes “Hug the Earth”.

Музыкальный фон и четыре ученика по очереди читают стихотворение.

Walking along feeling free

Feeling the earth here with me

And I love her, she loves me.

I hug the earth, the Earth hugs me.

She’s our friend,

We’d like to be forever.

The Earth is a garden.

It’s a beautiful place.

For all living creatures,

For all the human race.

Helping Mother Earth

We can peacefully roam.

We all deserves a place

We can call our home.

P: The forests are in danger. The world has over nine million sq.km. of forests. But they are disappearing fast not only because of fires. Every day we use paper and cardboard made from wood. We use different kinds of wood to make furniture and other things. Every year huge forests are cleared for different uses, and a lot of forests are so badly damaged that they will hardly be able to recover.

P: You are quite right. If we go like this, before long all the forests on this planet may be destroyed.

P: By the way, some medicines come from trees and from plants and flowers which grow in the forest. There are many illnesses which we still cannot cure. There are old ones like cancer and new ones like AIDS. It may be that the medicines we need will be discovered in wild plants in savannas, deserts or rainforests. If we destroy these places, we will never find the cure.

P: Besides the huge forests help to control the world’s weather, and to produce much of the oxygen in the air. People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. Trees take this gas from the air, and produce oxygen. But in the last few years, people have cut down and burnt big areas of rainforest. This means there are fewer trees, and, of course, more carbon dioxide.

P: There are people who are trying to do something about it. They do their best to protect our forests. Specialists take care of the trees and fight harmful insects. They plant young trees when old ones die or cut down.

P: I agree with you. Nowadays people understand how important it is to solve environmental problems. One of them is pollution in its many forms: water pollution, air pollution, nuclear pollution. There is no ocean or sea which is not used as a dump. They are used for dumping industrial and nuclear waste. This poison kills fish and sea animals.

P: I’d like to add that many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Factories and plants produce a lot of waste and pour it into rivers. Nuclear power stations can go wrong and cause nuclear pollution. Nuclear pollution cannot be seen but effect can be terrible. In such places the birds and animals leave their habitats and many plants die.

P: Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000 million tons of dust and other harmful substances. Many cities suffer from smog.

P: The last fact says : in many towns and cities the concentration of harmful substances in the air over 10 times.

T: Are there any laws, decisions on this problem?

P: Environmental protection is a universal concern of all people and all countries. That is why Russia is cooperating in the field of environmental protection with the USA, Canada, Norway, Finland and other countries. People must discuss different ecological problems and make correct conclusions. Only common efforts of all, the people of the world will help to stop further pollution of the earth.

T: Is it necessary for young people to participate in the environmental movement?

P: of course. Each of us must do everything possible to keep the planet keep. We know that when we go hiking and make a fire we must put it out and cover it with earth before we go away. It is the duty of every one to take the greatest care not to start a forest fire.

T: What do people do and what must they do to protect nature from further pollution, to keep the earth clean , to keep people healthy?

Учащиеся друг за другом высказываются о мерах, которые принимаются или должны быть приняты. Привожу их ответы.

  1. People actively cooperate in solving ecological problems.

  2. Different agreements are signed to prevent the pollution of the seas and oceans. The aim of the agreements is to prevent oil pollution of the seas and oceans, to organize rational fishing and the preservation of marine life.

  3. People plant gardens, orchards, future forests. They take part in Bird Day and Forest Day. At schools there are new lessons in ecology. Children are taught to take care of nature.

  4. A global strategy of nature protection has been worked out by large international organizations. One of its fundamental provisions is to transfer the industry to low and non – waste technologies.

  5. The government takes urgent measures to build purifying systems to avoid the pollution of rivers.

  6. Some ecologically harmful plants must be removed from the city.

  7. Green zone must be created.

  8. Pollution control systems must be introduced.

  9. Clean air programmers must be worked out for cities.

  10. Every city must begin the clean air campaign.

  11. Modern technology enables the city to reduce the amount of waste in the air.

T: Dear friends, you are future engineers, scientists, railway workers, teachers, ecologists. You will continue addressing the environmental problems which concern everyone. The positive results depend on serious attention of the people of the whole world to this problem. You will work out new projects, new slogans. You will be active! (Учащиеся работают в группах по 3-4 человека. Придумывают свои проекты , плакаты.)

Привожу проекты, разработанные учащимися.

P: We want to set up our own Clean up the Countryside Society. Its members will take part in environmental projects in the country. These include protecting wildlife habitats: pond and coastal work, tree planting and so on.

P: Our initiative includes organizing working holidays for young people between the ages of 16 and 35. We are to take part in general outdoor activities which include clearing away rubbish, dry-stone walling, woodland and footpath construction. This project involves a group of young people who live and work together for a week and usually find themselves in one of the many beautiful corners of the Russian countryside.

P: We suggest some important rules to protect the environment.

  1. To walk or use a bicycle instead of going by car.

  2. Not to litter the ground with paper, cans or bottles and paper.

  3. To plant more trees.

  4. To feed birds in winter and help them to survive in winter.

  5. To clear rubbish from lakes and rivers.

  6. To recycle used materials such as metal, bottles and paper.

P: I could design posters telling people about ecological problems of the day and put them all over the countryside.

Teacher: Comrades, as active participants of the ecological commission you may be invited to take part in a conference on the protection of nature in one of the cities of our country. I want you to write reports entitled “ Environmental problems of Our Region” for the conference. Please, write down your homework.

В конце урока ученик читает стихотворение « Oh, Russia, Im love with youby L. Khusainova

Remember , Russia, you are great

Not in the field of battles past

But in the green fields full of wheat

And forests, gardens, free of dust.

I love you deeply, dear land,

Your hills and rivers, sand on strand

Your songs and dances, lakes and seas

Your beasts and fish, birds in trees.

Your sunrise in a splendid sight

Which gives me always such delight!

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