Урок английского языка по теме «The future of our planet»

Урок английского языка по теме «The future of our planet»

Цели и задачи:

  • развивать умение устной речи и монологического высказывания по теме: “The Future of our Planet”;

  • научить выражать своё отношение к глобальным проблемам;

  • воспитать гуманное отношение к окружающей среде.

Прогнозируемые результаты: ученики будут уметь высказываться по теме, выражать своё отношение в форме диалогической и монологической речи, а также сочетать в них активный лексический и грамматический материал.

УМК: доска, раздаточный материал, видео и аудио материалы.


Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учеников


1. Определение темы урока

Good morning children!
How are you today?
I’m fine, too. Thank you!
Sit down, please.

First of all, let’s watch video, and then we are going to talk. (Учитель включает видеоклип. Michael Jackson “ The Earth Song”)

And now, let’s guess what we are going to talk about today.

All of you are absolutely right! So, let’s open the blackboard and see the topic of our lesson.

The topic is “What do you think about your future?”

Good morning teacher!

We are fine, thank you!

And what about you?

About our planet!
About our life!
About our future!
About the nature!
About the world!

Доска закрыта

What do you think about your future?

2. Озвучивание плана урока

Today we are going to listen to the tape recorder, to make dialogues and think how to save our planet and our life.



3. Фонетическая зарядка

And now let’s do our phonetic exercises.

Firstly I’d like you to listen to character adjectives and repeat them after me.

Sociable, hospitable, curious, creative, talkative, friendly, hardworking, loving.

And now the second one.

You know it very well, as it is our poem.

I’ll say the first part of a line and you should say the second one.

Is it clear?
The leaves are…
The sky is…
Let’s save…
For me…
Let’s hope that…
And God won’t…
And together! But smile at us!
Thank you, everyone! Let’s applaud ourselves!

Yes, it is!
The nature!
And you!
But smile at us!
(Applauds, smiles)


4. Языковая зарядка

And now I want you to answer my questions.
So, who wants to answer? Raise your hands, please!
OK, ………….Can you describe yourself in five words, please?
Thank you, ………….!
And what about you, ……..? Describe yourself in five words, please.
Good of you!
………, tell us about yourself in 5 words.
Yes, it’s true, we know it!
And now, ………, tell me, please, what is the motto of your group?
That’s right! Let’s repeat it altogether!

(Raising hands)

I’m ……………….

Never give up! Never give up!


5. Элемент аудирования

And we are moving on!

As the topic of our lesson is “What do you think about your future?”, we are going to listen to two students, Ann and Robert, talking about their future in 10 years.

And before listening, I would like you to read and translate some words which can help you to understand the text on the tape better.

All right! Now you will listen to tape recorder for two times.

On your desks you can see tables like that.

Listen to the tape for the first time and then you will answer two my questions.

(Учитель включает запись, делая 5 секунд паузы между Анной и Робертом)

So, tell me, please, who wants to have a family and study and who wants to live in London without the parents in 10 years?

Good of you.

Now, you are to listen to the typescript for the second time and fill in your table.

(Учитель включает запись, без пауз.)

OK, now let’s check it all together.

(Все вместе проверяем таблицу.)

Good of you. Good job!

Now I want all of you to think about yourself and tell us, what appearance, job, family and home you would like to have in 10 years.

Use the structures:

I’ll look like….
I will work as…
My family will consist of…
I will have… (house, flat)
When I was just like you I saw it this way.
In 10 years I will be a very good-looking girl.
I will study at the University and work as a promoter.
My family will consist of 3 people: my husband, my child and me.
We will live in a block of flats.

So, please, work in pairs and tell each other about your future using the structure.

I give you a minute.

(Учитель спрашивает 1 пару учеников.)

Good of you, thank you for your interesting and optimistic thoughts!

(Ученики слушают звукозапись и заполняют таблицу)

(Ученики слушают звукозапись и отвечают на вопросы)

(Ученики рассказывают о себе)


6. Определение проблем по теме урока

You’ve said about yourself in 10 years time.
And what about the planet we live on?
So, let’s move back to the beginning of our lesson. We’ve watched the clip by Michael Jackson, The Earth Song.
What problems of the Earth can we name?
That’s right!

Air and water pollution!
Serious diseases!
Dangerous accidents!
Endangered animals!


7. Формулирование опорных мыслей по теме

And how can people help our planet?
What should people do to make the Earth better?
You can see yellow sheets of paper on you desks.

Write down one idea you have about how to make our planet better. I give you one minute.

Now, I want you to come to the blackboard one by one and stick up your idea on the Earth and tell us about it using this structure: ……. We should…….

Here you should say: “I think”, “It seems to me that”, “to my mind”, ”in my opinion”,” I believe”.

Then you say “we should”, and then you say your idea.
For example: It seems to me, that we should take care of the animals.
So, please.
Good of you! Brilliant ideas! Thank you! I wish you to fulfill them all!

(Ученики пишут свои мысли)

(Ученики выходят к доске, наклеивают листики, говорят предложение)

Земной шар с грамматической конструкцией над ним и местом для “лучиков”.

8. Упражнение на подстановку

Right now, please, take these cards (Учитель показывает).

And match parts of sentences to have good and optimistic thoughts.

Now, let’s check. And while you answer I will illustrate your words.

(Вместе проверяем задание.)

Oh, look how beautiful our planet will be if we only help it!

(Ученики выполняют задание в карточках)

(Учитель делает коллаж)

9. Употребление лексики, описывающей характер человека

And this time tell me, what kind of person should you be to make the world better? What qualities should you have to make our planet better? Give me more than 3 adjectives. Use the structure: “I should be…… to make our planet better”.

Is everything clear? So, please.
Thank you, for your sentences.

(Ученики отвечают)


10. Формирование навыков и умений диалогической речи

Now we are working in pairs. You are to discuss and decide what you yourself can do to save the nature and our planet. I give you two minutes to prepare.

Please, present your dialogs.

You’ve said a lot of good things! I wish you to achieve them all!

(Ученики составляют диалоги)


11. Формирование умений монологической речи

And now I want each of you to get ready with 3 or 5 sentences about what you think about your future in 10 years. What will the Earth look like, what will you change in yourself and what will you do for your planet?

I will give you 1 minute.
And now we are all eager to listen to you. Who wants to answer?

(2–3 человека)

Good of you! A very good work!

(Ученики готовятся)

(Ученики отвечают)


12. Формирование умений монологического высказывания

And the last, but not the least, exercise for today. You can see green and blue sheets of paper on your desks. Take them and write down how you want to make the world better. Use the structure:”I want to…..”

And then stick it up on your chest, please.
If you are ready, stand up and come to me.

(Учитель включает последний припев песни “Heal the World”, когда все собрались и выстроились в линию)

Now, name your thoughts one by one.
Thank you all! Now, let’s join our hands and raise them.
And say:”Together we can make the world better!!!!!!!!”
Together we can make the world better!!!!!!!!

(Ученики пишут, клеят, подходят ко мне)

(Ученики озвучивают свои мысли)

Together we can make the world better!!!!!!!!


13. Обобщение результатов занятия и подведение итогов

Today we have listened to a beautiful clip by MJ, then we have made dialogues and discussed a lot of serious problems of our planet. And I really hope that you will make our world better.

I would like to thank everyone for your perfect work. I will give all of you excellent marks.

As you have worked hard, I won’t give you any home task.
So, our lesson is over.
You may be free.


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