Конспект урока для 2 класса "My house"

Novyi secondary school

Plan of the lesson

Theme: My house

Class level: 2“G”

Teacher: Tleshova Aigul Kasimkizi



Unit 6. Lesson 1 Date: 06.02.15

Theme: My house Length of Teaching: 45

Class level: 2"G"

Aim of the lesson:

Educational: to explain the theme of the lesson, to introduce the meanings of the new words(one floor, two floors, house, big, small, new,old) and rule there is/there are and use in your speech.

Developing: to develop the students’ habits of reading, writing and speaking; their grammar box, vocabulary, sound -ou house, count, mouse , work with partner and to make a short dialogue and monologue and be active at the lesson.

Cultural: To teach them to be in love to their house and flats. To be courtesy, responsibility, honest and be friendly.

Expect result:

Children will be know new words, rule there is/there are and use in your speech. They can read text and understand words, sentence; They can followed by a short discussion  with questions.

Methods of teaching: group work, pair work, individual work, speaking, writing, reading, play a game, sing-song;

Visual aids: For teacher: cards, interactive board, smile cards, pictures, A3 paper, stickers , pictures, token's pen

For children: book, copybook, exercise book, color pencils.

Interactive link: music (sing-song), P.E (type sports), self-knowledge;

The procedure of the lessson.

I.Org. Moment.

Greeting with children!

T SS: Good afternoon children!

P SS: Good afternoon teacher!

T SS: How are you? (3x)

P SS: I'm fine(3x)

well start our lesson.

1 Checking the home task

T SS: What was your home task? Are you ready?

P SS: Ex.3,4-p.43

Write the questions.

Do they play football?

Do we play leap-frog?

Do you like tag?

Do they play asyks?

Do we play hide-and-seek?

- Have you learnt the words?

  • Checking the words.

P SS:(Football, basketball, cycling, tennis, badminton, skating etc)

2.Information about lesson. Slide 1.

Divide two group (Old, New)

T SS: Be ready and be active .Which group very fast and clever and I will be give smile cards.

II. Warming-up

3.Vocabulary game “Bottle

Do you play basketball?

Do you play football?

Do you play tag?

4.Phonetic exercise.

Children look at the pictures. I want to teach how to pronounce some sounds in English . Listen and repeat after me: Sound -ou house, count, mouse

T SS: Look at the interactive board and listen. This is a video about Kazakh national house. Балалар бұрын балалар киіз үйдің қасында асық ойнаған. Алдында біз асық және ұлттық ойындар туралы айттық енді бүгін біз үй туралы айтамызю

Today we will be know ... WHAT?

P SS: My House

T SS: Yes

Teacher does: Show cards say: My house- Менің үйім

5.Vocabulary time Slide (9-13)

T SS: Listen and repeat.

House- үй

Floor- қабат

one floor-two floors-1 қабат, 2 қабат

new- жаңа

old- ескі

big- үлкен

small- кішкентай

P SS: big, small

6.Teacher does: Show pictures and give information about there is/ there are

There is 1 floor in the house

There are 2 floors in the house

There is 1 balloon

There are 5 balloons

There is 1 pen on the table

There are 5 pens on the table

There is 1 book on the table

There are 4 books on the table

7. Listen and read

This is my house. My house is big and new. There are two floors in my house. There is a beautiful garden. I love my house.

8.Have a rest time

Wake Up
Here we go!
I wake up
I wake up
I wash my face
I wash my face

This is what I do when I wake up in the morning
This is what I do, when I wake up

I brush my teeth
I brush my teeth
I comb my hair
I comb my hair


Teaching Tip: Each week in my classes we are making the items that you use for the activities. For example, we are making a toothbrush, a bar of soap, a comb, etc. We are just doing little paper cut outs and having the kids color them, very simple. Then in the song when they hear, " I brush my teeth" they have to pick up their toothbrush and pretend they are brushing their teeth while singing. I find that this kind of hands on learning is really great for the kids.


T SS: Ex.3 -p.43/Complete the sentences. Put there is/there are

1. There are 2 floors in my house.

2. There is a small beautiful garden.

3. There are 2 trees in my garden.

4. There is an apple tree in the garden.

10.Task. find a new house

new old

III. Conclusion

Your work today was brilliant... Tell me please, what new words you have known at the lesson?
Good! Can you write new words?mobile letters

P write: big,small, old,new etc...

Teacher does: Look at this A4 paper I want that you write new words on stickers. Count smiles.congratulate group which group was brilliant work.

Home task ex 4,5-p.45 draw and describe your house.

Goodbye, goodbye

see you again

goodbye, goodbye

see you friend

goodbye, goodbye

I had fun today(2x)


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