Конспект урока для 8 класса "Thanksgiving Day"

Открытый урок в 8 А классе по теме «Thanksgiving Day»

Цель урока:

  • расширение кругозора учащихся, развитие интереса к изучению иностранного языка посредством занимательных форм обучения.

Задачи урока:

1. Практическая:

  • формирование умения применять лексику по теме « Thanksgiving Day »

  • формирование коммуникативной культуры школьников.

  • развитие речевого умения (монологическая и диалогическая форма речи).

  • развитие навыков аудирования.

2. Развивающая:

  • совершенствование воображения, логического мышления, внимания, памяти у учащихся.

  • развитие познавательного интереса и коммуникативной деятельности у учащихся.

3. Воспитательная:

  • воспитание интереса к культуре стран изучаемого языка у учащихся.

  • формирование положительной мотивации учения, готовности воспринимать культуру другого народа.

  • формирование чувства ответственности, коллективизма, сотворчества, самореализации.

4. Образовательная:

  • знакомство учащихся с традициями и праздниками стран изучаемого языка.

  • расширение с помощью английского языка представления обучающихся об окружающем их мире, как средстве взаимодействия с этим миром.

Тип урока: открытый урок с использованием ИКТ.

Оснащение урока: презентация (Power Point), компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран, раздаточный материал, работы учащихся.

Ход урока:

1. Организационный момент.

Good morning boys and girls. Glad to meet you. Can you tell me what holiday is celebrated in America on the fourth Thursday in November? Do we have such holiday in Russia? That’s why- today we’ll speak about the most important holiday in America Thanksgiving Day.

2. Сообщение целей и задач урока.

We are going to America today and your aim is to learn more facts about this day, doing interesting exercises, solving a crossword and singing a song.

3. Активизация лексики.

We are going to travel with our guests: they are our English teachers and our head teacher. Are you ready to start our travel?

But before our travel we should know some words. Look at the screen. Read them after me: Thanksgiving Day, corn, maize, harvest, feast, pilgrims, fall, turkey, Mayflower, Plymouth. (Слайд № 1)

Translate them from English into Russian. And now try to use them in these tasks.

  1. Unscrambled the words

The first one is unscrambled the words.









YFWROMALE (Слайд № 2)

Let’s check up.

  1. Solve a crossword

You task is to solve a crossword.

(Для слабых учеников кроссворды № 1, 2, а для сильных учеников- № 3)

  1. Make up as many words as you can.

The next task is to make up as many words as you can, using the letters from these words: A ROAST TURKEY. (Слайд3)

I’ll give you three minutes. Lets see.

4. Развитие монологической речи учащихся.

I think you can go to America. Imagine, please that we are on a big ship sailing to New World. There are two guides that can help us to know the history of Thanksgiving Day. You should listen to them very attentively. Try to understand them and do «Choose the right variant » Open your exercise-books, write down the date and put the right letter.

Guides you are welcome. (сообщения учащихся на английском языке сопровождается показом слайдов)

Thanksgiving Day comes on the 4th Thursday in November. This holiday is celebrated throughout the United States.

The holiday began as a feast of Thanksgiving in the early days of American colonies almost four hundred years ago.

In 1620, the Mayflower, a boat with 102 men, women and children on board, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to settle the New World. In their native land, in England, this religious group had not been allowed to freely practice their religion. So they went to America in search of religious freedom.

The Pilgrims settled in what is now the state Massachusetts. Their first winter was very hard. They arrived too late to grow many crops; and without fresh food, half the colony died of cold, hunger, and diseases. The following spring the Indians of Massasoit’s tribe taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn a new food for the colonists. They showed them other crops to grow in the unfamiliar soil and how to fish and hunt.

In the autumn of 1621, rich crops, barely and pumpkins were harvested. The colonists had much to be thankful for, so a feast was planned. The Chief Massasoit and his braves were invited to share the Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday many years later because of a woman named Sarah Hale. For forty years Sarah Hale wrote to each president and asked for a holiday of Thanksgiving. At last she was successful. In 1863, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday.

Thanksgiving is a time for a family reunion. All give thanks together for the good things they have. On most tables throughout the US, foods eaten at the first Thanksgiving have become traditional. Roast turkey with stuffing is the main dish. It is served with sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce or jelly, and pumpkin pie. Apple cider is the drink of the day.

Football is the most popular game on this day. For many schools, the Thanksgiving Day game is the most important game of the year. Usually there are several football games to watch on TV. Thanksgiving Parade is held annually in New York City. Celebrities, floats, bands, and balloons shaped like famous storybook and cartoon characters appear in the Parade. Santa Claus arrives at the end. His coming marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Stores, classrooms and homes are decorated with turkeys, pilgrims, Indians, wreaths of dried flowers, and vegetables. Horns of plenty are also very popular.

Choose the right variant.

1. Thanksgiving Day is...

a) an American holiday

b) a British holiday

c) a Russian holiday

2. The Pilgrims sailed on.........in 1620

a) The Santa Fe

b) The Mayflower

c) The Maria

3. The Native Americans believed in

a) in many gods

b) in one God

c) they don't believed in gods

4. What year did the Pilgrims have their first Thanksgiving Feast?

a) 1619

b) 1620

c) 1621

d) 1935

5. What was the main food on the first Thanksgiving dinner?

a) pumpkin pie

b) cheese

c) turkey

d) beans

6. When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

a) in spring

b) in fall

c) in winter

d) in summer

7. Thanksgiving Day is like ...

a) the Independence Day

b) Christmas

c) Halloween

8. People celebrate l...

a) at home

b) in offices

c) in the street. (Слайд4)

Now lets check up. Good of you.

5. Работа с текстом.

Now we are in America. Try to guess who could meet us. Native Americans. Lets listen to their stories. Here you can see the text. Your task is to read, translate and answer the questions.

Native Americans.

Native Americans came from Asia. Over 20 000 years ago they traveled across the land between Siberia and Alaska.

When English colonists came to the New World on board the" Mayflower" the Native Americans met them and they were very friendly and helped them a lot. Those days people lived in small earth houses and grew their own food. Some Indians ate only grass, nuts and what fruit they could find. Other people were fishermen and lived in wooden houses. Most Native Americans were very peaceful. They wanted to live happily with nature and each other. They believed in many gods and thought that gods lived in trees, stones, water and fire. They believed their gods could bring success in hunting, farming and fishing. They often had special ceremonies with dances and music before they went hurting or fishing or when they began farming.

Native American songs and poems are a very important part of their traditions as they helped to keep their history and culture alive.

Another famous tradition was smoking of a peace pipe. When they smoked this pipe together with people they didn't know, it meant friendship and piece. Many years ago Native American tribes lived in all parts of the USA and hunted and fished wherever they chose. Now most of them live in poor lands to the west of Mississippi River.

Answer the questions.

1. Where did Native Americans come from?

2. How did they travel?

3. Where did they live? What did they eat?

4. What did Native Americans believe in?

5. Where do most Native Americans live now?

You did it very well.

6. Работа в парах.

Imagine that Indians invite us to have a Thanksgiving feast with them.

Look at these sentences and put them into right order.

  1. Put all the food on the table.

  2. Take the roast turkey out of the oven.

  3. Enjoy.

  4. Call your family to the table: It s time to eat.

  5. Say prayers.

  6. Sit down. Put your napkin on your lap

  7. Say: I am full.

  8. Serve each person.

  9. Carve the turkey.

  10. Set the table. (Слайд № 5)

Quite right.

7. Песня.

And our feast we should finish with a traditional Thanksgiving song.

At first we will listen to the song and you should put in the missing words.

We shall overcome.

We shall..........,

We shall overcome.

We shall overcome some day!


Oh, deep in my heart

I do believe,

We shall overcome some day!

2. We shall live........

We shall live in peace,

We shall live in peace some day!


3. We shall ..........

We shall all be free,

We shall all be free some day!


4. We are.......,

We are not afraid,

We are not afraid today!

(Refrain) (Слайд № 6)

What words are necessary?

Yes, you are right.

And now lets sing a song together.

I think you have enjoyed being in America but we should return to Russia.

Now you can say about Thanksgiving Day to your friends, parents and teachers.

8. Подведение итогов.

Everybody did well in doing the tasks and I suppose that you will be glad to visit America next year. Thank you for your work.

Now the results. Your marks….

9. Рефлексия.

Please tell me if you liked our lesson.

I liked the lesson because

I enjoyed the lesson because

I disliked the lesson because

It was interesting

It was funny

It was boring (Слайд № 7)

The lesson is over. Good buy.

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