Конспект урока для 11 класса "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

ҚР ДСӘДМ «Бурабай» республикалық оңалту орталығы» РМҚК ОМ

Орындаған: А.Т. Жуманова


The 11-th form

The theme of the lesson: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The objectives of the lesson:

  1. Taking information about the Great Britain, its geographical position, parts and its capitals, sightseeings

  2. To develop students geographical outlook, their abilities of speaking reading, writing and thinking;

  3. To teach pupils to love their Motherland and respect the culture and traditions of other countries.

Type of the lesson: integrated, game and review lesson.

Method of teaching: elements of game technology

Interactive link: Geography, Kazakh, History

Visual aids used at the lesson: interactive board, cards, the map of the UK and Kazakhstan.

The outline of the lesson:

  1. The beginning of the lesson. (greeting, etc)

  1. Checking up the home task

  1. Leading questions

  2. Give general information about Kazakhstan and its nation

  3. Check up pupils’ vocabulary taken at the previous lessons

  1. New theme of the lesson: The United Kingdom.

  1. Teacher’s short information about the UK and the motto of the lesson.

  2. Introduction of new words according to the new text “The UK”.

  3. Reading of the text and work with it. (cards)

  4. Short video about the UK

  1. Working on the topic the UK.

  1. Game: “Magic numbers”. Symbols, flags of the UK.

  2. Speaking about the places of interests of the UK

Quessing game “What place of interest am I?”

  1. Conclusion

I level

  1. True, false

  2. to write adjectives

  3. Match the words with the translation

II level

  1. Translation of the word combinations

  2. Making questions

  3. Writing short topic of the text using questions above

III level

  1. Proverbs

  2. Test

  1. Marks. Summarizing the lesson

  1. Home work:to write topic about 4 parts of Great Britain.

  1. The end of the lesson

The course of the lesson:

  1. Good morning pupils! Sit down. I’m glad to sec you. I want you to be more active and show your knowledge of English.

Can you answer the following questions

  1. Leading questions

1.What is the official name of G. B. ?

2.What are the countries of the U. K.?

3.Who is the head of Great Britain?

4.What is the London home of the Queen ?

5.What kind of State is the United Kingdom?

6.What is the Big Ben ?

  1. General information about Kazakhstan. (pupils, one after another, give their answers)

1.What kind of state is Kazakhstan?

2.Who is the head of Kazakhstan?

3.When does Kazakhstan?

4.What river is Astana situated on ?

5.What is the most popular national holiday in Kazakhstan ?

6.When was the 1 – st President of the Republic elected ?

    1. English equivalent of “қолдау support

    2. What’s the English for “пейзаж, табиғат көрінісіlandscape

    3. One animal is able to live both on land and in water. amphibian

    4. English equivalent of “таулыmountainous

    5. Large body of ice moving slowly glacier

    6. The world’s famous skating –rink which is located 15 km from Almaty medeu

    7. Synonym of “wonderful” remarkable

    8. What is it “қонақжайлылықhospitality

    9. The beautiful white bird – the symbol of love swan

    10. What’s the English for “бекіре”?sturgeon

    11. Is the climate of Kazakhstan (жұмсақ)? mild

    12. Have you ever seen a (қыран)? falcon

    13. What is it “ылғал? humidity

  1. Teacher: The theme of our today’s lesson “The United Kingdom”. You have already known a lot about Britain and its people, but some things are easily forgotten. Let us brush up our knowledge of this country. So, the motto of our lesson is “The more we know together, the happier we are”. The best and the cleverest pupil of today’s lesson will take the ticket to London.

  1. New words:

Although - бірақ, дегенмен

Unitary - біріккен

Separate - бөлу

Identity - жеке бастылық

Frequent - жиі

Variation - әр түрлі

Distribute - тарату

b) Let’s read and work with text.

c)Short video about the UK.

d)In order to enlarge our outlook about the UK, let’s listen to the teacher of geography Tailybekova.K.

So, we have got a lot of information concerning the UK. Can you answer my questions?

  1. Teacher’s leading questions.

  • What is the full name of Great Britain?

  • What kind of state is Britain?

  • What are the main islands?

  • Where is the UK?

  • What is the highest Scottish mountain?

  • What can you say about the weather of Britain?

P1 – P2 –P3 – P4 – etc

Though the UK consists of four parts, every part of it has its own capital, flag, symbol and also own customs, traditions and culture. Speaking about culture, of course it’s impossible not to say some words about literature, we remember famous poets, writers, novelists. And each country is famous for its poets who express their love to their beloved, nature and Motherland. One of them is a famous Scottish poet Robert Burns whose writings are lyrical. They are: My hearts in the highlands, A red ,red rose, Auld Lang Syne, Love ,to love, etc.

a)So, pupils are you tired. Let`s play the game “Magic Numbers”. There are five boxes, under each box there are tasks.

P1: The Union Jack is the popular name given to the flag of Great Britain. It is a mixture of several flags. It all began in 1606 when Scotland was joined to England and Wales.

P2: The Scottish flag is blue with a white cross from corner to corner. Its symbol is the thistle.

P3: The English flag is white with Red Cross. Its symbol is red rose.

P4: The Irish flag is white with a red cross from corner to corner. Its national symbol is a shamrock and a red hand.

P5: The Welsh flag is white and green with a red dragon in the middle of it. Its symbol is daffodil.

We have known symbols, flags and capitals of each part of the UK.

  1. Quessing game “What place of interest am I?” Pupils, look at the blackboard, here are given pictures and the definitions of each picture, your task is to find the name and the right definition to each sightseeing.

  1. It is a place where mass meetings and demonstrations take place. It is in the centre of the west End of London. (Trafalgar Square)

  2. This is the place where members of Parliament gather to make laws. (The Houses of Parliament)

  3. London’s famous theatres, cinemas and restaurants are on this place.( Piccadilly Circus)

  4. It is the great bell clock which strikes the hour.( Big Ben)

  5. Many of Great Britain‘s famous men are buried on this place. (Westminster Abbey)

  6. It is the most famous historical building in London which was built in the 11-th century. (The Tower of London)

  7. It is the place where the Queen meets important visitors such as kings, queens or presidents. (Buckingham Palace)

You must write answer on the following way, using only figures and letters

  • Pupils, we`ve done a lot of tasks concerning? The UK. Let`s conduce our lesson.

  1. Conclusion of the lesson.

I level

  1. True, false

    1. Britain is a unitary state.

    2. England is a lowland country

    3. Wales is a country of hills and mountains

    4. The climate of Britain is changeable

    5. Cardiff is the capital of Wales

    6. Robert Burns is an American poet.

  1. Task is to write adjectives.

England –

Northern –

Ireland –

Wales –

Scotland –

  1. Match the words with the translation.

  1. Жиі a) belief

  2. Тұру, орналасу b) lowland

  3. Маусымдық, мезгілдік c) variation

  4. Ойпат, жазық дала d) seasonal

  5. Әр түрлі e) frequent

  6. Сенім f) settle

II level

  1. Translate words combinations

  1. The shortened word –

  2. Unitary state –

  3. National identities –

  4. Lowland country –

  5. Central highlands –

  6. Frequent weather changes –

  7. Ancient sources –

  1. Make up questions

  1. Where

  2. What

  3. How many parts

  4. What

  5. What kind of

  1. Short summary of the text using questions above

III level

  1. 1.East or West,… 1. other manner

  2. 2.No news is… 2.money

  3. 3.First think,… 3.power

  4. 4.Strike while …. 4.home is best

  5. 5.Knowledge is… 5.the iron is hot

  6. 6.Better late… 6. the man

7.Time is… 7.above wealth

  1. 8.Other times,… 8.good news

  2. 9.Clothes make… 9.then speak

  3. 10.Good health is … 10. than never

  1. Test

  1. Britain is a ____ state.

  1. Unitary b) parliamentary c)constitutional

  1. The climate of Britain is ____.

  1. Flexible b) hot c)changeable

  1. The capital of Wales is _____.

a)Ottawa b)Cardiff c) Belfast

  1. Robert Burns is _____ poet.

  1. American b)English c)Scottish

  1. It is the place where mass meetings and demonstrations take place

  1. Buckingham Palace b) Big Ben c)Trafalgar Square

  1. Shamrock is the symbol of _____.

  1. Northern Ireland b) Wales c) Scotland

  1. The Union Jack is name of the _____.

  1. Flag b)man c)state

  1. People in the four lands of Britain come from _____ sources.

  1. Modern b) historic c)ancient

  1. _____ is the highest mountain is o

a)Snowdon b) Ben Nevis c) Mc Kinley

  1. The longest river is:

a)the Thames b)the Clyde c)The Severn

  1. Marks.

  2. Home work: Topic “Parts of Great Britain”

  3. The end of the lesson

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