Конспект урока на тему "What’s this?"

The plan of the lesson

Lesson plan: English

Teacher: Sattarbek Assel

The theme of the lesson: “What’s this?”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to revise new vocabulary on the theme “ What’s this?” to teach the pupils’ knowledge

Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking skills, translation abilities; abilities in questioning and answering the questions; understanding skills

Up – bringing: to bring up interest to work with group and to interest in learning English.

Type of the lesson: revision

Method of the lesson: icebreaking, brainstorming, activities

Visual aids: pictures of the school objects, the interactive board, toys

Grammar: demonstrative pronoun: this, that

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Org. moment:

a) Greeting (амандасу)

Teacher (T.): Good afternoon!

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon to you!

Good afternoon dear children,

I’m glad to see you!

Pupils (P): Good morning!

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon to you!

Good afternoon dear teacher,

We are glad to see you, too!

T.: How are you?

P: We are fine, thank you. How are you?

T.: Fine, thanks. Sit dawn, please!

b) Checking attendance (түгендеу)

T.: Who is on duty today?

P.: I’m on duty today

T: Who is absent today?

T.: What day is it today?

P.: Today is Friday.

T.: What date is it today?

P.: Today is the 15th of February

T.: Let’s begin our lesson!

II. Warm up: dear pupils! Today we’ll have a unusual lesson. Let’s begin our lesson with a song. All of you look at the active board and listen.

Active board

In my bag, bag, bag

Here’s my book, book, book,

My book, book, book

In my bag, bag, bag

Here’s my book, book, book

In my bag, bag, bag

Here’s my pencil, pencil, pencil

My pencil, pencil, pencil,

In my bag, bag, bag

Here’s my pencil, pencil, pencil

In my bag, bag, bag

Here’s my ruler, ruler. Ruler,

My ruler, ruler, ruler

In my bag, bag, bag,

Here’s my ruler, ruler, ruler

III) Checking the home-task: What was your home-task for today?

Are you ready?

Are there any volunteers?

You please!

IV) Practice:

- Tuk, tuk!

- Oh, who is that?

- Children do know who is this?

- Yeees, it’s a sponge bob

- Yes you are right! Today we have guest, sponge bob.

- Sponge bob: Hello children! How are you? Are you ready for the lesson? I have more tasks for you.

- O.K. let’s start da exercise.

I- level: Pictures: What’s this?

What’s that?

What are these?

What are those?

II- level: complete the sentences

1. What is this?

――――――――― C:\Documents and Settings\User\Рабочий стол\НурАй\слайды\Новая папка (4)\dbdee13c60c9204fee7ec8d256b5f9fa.gif

2. Is it a E:\k12375610.jpg ?


3.What are those?

Those are ――――――――

4. What color is this E:\imgpreview (46).jpg ?

It’s ――――――

5. What color is this E:\imgpreview (53).jpg ?

III- level: Point and say

  1. three pen, one ruler, one bag, two rubber

  2. three bag, two ruler, four pen, one rubber

  3. three pen, two bag, one rubber, one ruler

  4. two rubber, three pen, two bag, two ruler

E:\imgpreview (1).jpg E:\imgpreview (1).jpg

E:\imgpreview (1).jpg

V) Production:

IV- level: Guessing game. Riddles about different color animals

  1. This is big and strong

And its trunk is very long

What animal is this and what its color? (An elephant, violet)

  1. The water in the sea is cold,

It is as cold as ice.

But it is not afraid at all,

What animal is that? What color is it? (White bear)

  1. I have a little cat ,

And his name is Jack,

His head is white

And his ears are ….. ( black)

  1. What is the nice house!

It is very nice!

It is not big

Knock, knock, knock

Who lives in the house? (mouse)

VI) Home task: new words

The lesson is over! Good – bye children!

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