Конспект урока на тему "Holidays. Easter"






Kalieva Shynar Torekhanovna


Holidays. Easter.


To present and practice new theme and active vocabulary; to develop students’ opinion by the new theme; to rise their interest to the theme and subject; to develop students’ critical thinking; to describe things that happened; asking and answering questions; to respect any traditions

Teaching result

Detailed work with each task, to rise students’ interest and attention to the theme and subject. To develop students’ four skills. To teach how to manage to, to make sure that they can reach good result.


To do the best and don’t be in a bad habits


Student’s book for the 6 form, teacher’s book, Mersey and Littleton (2007), A Maslow (1968), Mersey (1995) methodic 2014

Main aims

To say their thinking;

To rise critical thinking;

To develop their writing skill and habit



Psychological preparation

To know their mood, students tell poems.

Tells poems

To check home task

To write a composition about favourite holiday.

They read their composition about one of their holiday.

Teachers presentation

To present new theme “Easter”.

It is a religious holiday. There are 3 favourite symbols of Easter: Easter Cross, Easter Egg and Easter Bunny. The Cross represents Christ’s victory over death. The Egg is a symbol of life. The Easter Bunny is really a hare. The hare was a favourite animal of Easter, the spring goodness, so Bunny represents love and growth.

To read and to answer to the questions

Answer the questions.

In a written form.

Group work

Exercise 2 ,page 108

To read and understand how they can show their holiday.

To read and to explain their holiday by the drawing picture

Diagram – to complete it with the words which are given.

To complete the diagram.

Cartoon. To see the cartoon about three pigs and to explain their opinion.

Draw a picture what they have understood. To present their work.


To ask questions. To give a conclusion.

Giving marks

To give their marks

Gives their diaries

Home task

To be ready for the control work, to repeat active vocabulary and grammar rules.

Writes their home tasks.

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